you’re the worst


Last week I was invited to work on the TV show You’re the worst

Here we are the whole wardrobe team taking a little lunch break, one of my favorite designers to work with is Wendy Benbrook, she is the cute kitty third from the right

as usual I can not share other any photos from the show, until the episode has aired

Happy Thursday sweets


monday = funday…


deconstructing mode... Claudia and meWhat an eventful day, after my daily morning run, I got a call from my good friend Claudia. She’s a really great makeup artist, and her husband John is a really great fashion stylist.

I went down to the set of a commercial they were shooting today, they needed my sewing expertise to alter a suit TWO sizes down….

WOW that was totally crazy….is it ready yet… how much time left…..can we try it on now??

hahaha…..beautiful on the outside and Frankenstein on the inside…opps….don’t tell anyone…

Have you ever tried to alter a suit in 30 min??   wow…that was a first!

As long as the director was happy and he was, I was too…..all is well in Pernilla land!

kisses, Pernilla