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the-girls-at-bsmy girls


before the show


carlitos before and after







What an amazing experience,

I was invited to a private show at the Staple Center here in Los Angeles…

with Barbra Streisand.

What I can I say….

yes she is magical, funny and still has her wonderful voice

Now Hubby ….. bass player on top with the fro….. will be on tour with her for the next three weeks , here in the US.

Carlitos is wearing NYLANDER custom T-shirt// Vest//Pants

Masha is wearing her custom NYLANDER  Hobo bag with Rock n’ Roll embroidery

I wish I could be there for every single show



Madden NFL 16


IMG_8565 IMG_8557 IMG_8567

MM IMG_8544 (1) IMG_8548 IMG_8539 (1) IMG_8540three IMG_8569 IMG_8570 IMG_8572

Earlier this summer I has working on a new commercial actually a short movie for the upcoming video game Madden NFL 16…. it is a game of American Football and it is extremely popular.

As you can see, they have two actors Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, five footballers and a bunch really great dancers starring in the film.

I had to make a jacket for Antonio Brown which looks like  he is wearing a golden shirt underneath… came out pretty cool….

But what was real crazy, was sewing the lead actress/ Bollywood dancer Mouzam Makkar into her top , well, when in showbiz you do what it takes to make it work.

Me and Ruth had a lot of fun, as usual working together!

Just had to share some behind the scenes photos…..

now go and get the new Madden NFL 16…hehehe


sew much to do….;-)

Sharing a photo of the bridesmaids dress I’m working on.

This is the bodice, I love the color they chose ! Had a fitting yesterday so today I’m finishing up the adjustments, and  deliver it on Friday!

Hopefully I will have a pic of Mary Christina at the wedding, that I can share with you all!

fuschia bodice- bridesmaids dress for Mary Catherine

Fuschia Bridesmaids dress for Mary Christina

Fuschia Bridesmaids dress for Mary Christina

ok, break is over….sew much to do….hahaha…so nifty

kisses, Pernilla