Katy Perry

woooow talk about last minute – last minute – custom bodysuit for Katy Perry

Recreating the MTV Moon man for her hosting the MTV Awards 2017

I got the call late Saturday night if I could come in to the studio, tomorrow Sunday and make two bodysuits for the event….

working all day like a mad man , fun and really exciting to see the full project in it’s entire get up

Photographed by genius David LaChapelle…. well as you can see, the finished product  looks pretty incredible



Tyra the Tyger


Tyra Banks as a tiger on the cover of Paper magazine.

This was a real challenge , for the base of the body suit which I made, we used souffle fabric, super sheer and little stretch. It has a life and a mind of its own…I tell you…

Snaps in the neck and crotch and invisible zipper on the side…wow…. after that it was being crystallized with black swarovski stones, in the shape of tiger stripes.

The final photo looks astonishing really , I am blown away…I hope you’ll love it too








love my job

Black Laguna 6 Black Laguna 2 Black Laguna 5 black custom Laguna Black Laguna 4

This is why I love my job so much

I get to create beautiful things that you are dreaming up

Its amazing, there are so many handbags brands on the market and I always felt there is a place for my business as well

which is for the women (and men) that want something special and not mass-produced

I am in awe, so inspired and  thankful for all of you

This bag was created for Emily she’s a wife, mom, runs her own business called Food By Emily @FoodByEmily

you should check her out, she is amazing

She needed a small bag to fit her essentials, she didn’t want to carry a whole bunch of ”stuff”.

she asked me to make her the Laguna Cross body, but it was quite custom, with credit card slots, flat bottom, and with nickel hardware instead of the antique brass that I usually uses.

We both loved the finished bag and I think I have a new baby on my roster!



sew much to do….;-)

Sharing a photo of the bridesmaids dress I’m working on.

This is the bodice, I love the color they chose ! Had a fitting yesterday so today I’m finishing up the adjustments, and  deliver it on Friday!

Hopefully I will have a pic of Mary Christina at the wedding, that I can share with you all!

fuschia bodice- bridesmaids dress for Mary Catherine

Fuschia Bridesmaids dress for Mary Christina

Fuschia Bridesmaids dress for Mary Christina

ok, break is over….sew much to do….hahaha…so nifty

kisses, Pernilla