2020 Grammy’s

One Year ago……Working at the Grammys for Misty Copeland’s performance with her dancers ….. Backstage at Staples Center …. Jeanie and the girls getting all the costumes ready….

I’m at Neiman Marcus trying to find a dress to wear ….since I dont have time to make one for myself….

Strutting the red carpet …… ahaaa the secret is the LIGHTING….good to know …. I’m not mad … lol

This was a spectacular Day and Night….Carlitos winning a grammy with his mentor Chick Corea….ahhh such a special moment . After the first performance we walked the red carpet and then we stayed to watch the main show ….it was crazy….. I was too tired to stay for the parties afterwards so we happily drove home and left the partying for the young folk…hahahaha….. one month later we were in LOCKDOWN ….who would have known… I’ll cherish this moment for ever , so proud of my Carlitos



Face Masks / LA times

It all started a week after the lockdown, my fellow custom made Union Local 705 Motion Picture costumers asked me if I wanted to donate my time and make some Facemasks for the local healthworkers, yes of course I said yes….and soon after that my close friends and neighbors used me for some as well. I was sewing and sending like crazy , but it wasn’t until Carlitos posted this photo of him on Instagram …my days blew up!! Oh and them an article in the LA Times…hahahahahaha….it was bananas….hundreds of hundreds of Face Masks…..



Elvira – Mistress of the dark

Halloween is here

and here is a little something I build  for Elvira’s last show at Knotts Scary Farm

This was a project I made with  Michael Schmidt Studios,

a homage to genius fashion costume designer Bob Mackie

There is a video of the show I will try to find it…in the mean time enjoy the photos

You can see the show here