Katy Perry

woooow talk about last minute – last minute – custom bodysuit for Katy Perry

Recreating the MTV Moon man for her hosting the MTV Awards 2017

I got the call late Saturday night if I could come in to the studio, tomorrow Sunday and make two bodysuits for the event….

working all day like a mad man , fun and really exciting to see the full project in it’s entire get up

Photographed by genius David LaChapelle…. well as you can see, the finished product  looks pretty incredible



Tyra the Tyger


Tyra Banks as a tiger on the cover of Paper magazine.

This was a real challenge , for the base of the body suit which I made, we used souffle fabric, super sheer and little stretch. It has a life and a mind of its own…I tell you…

Snaps in the neck and crotch and invisible zipper on the side…wow…. after that it was being crystallized with black swarovski stones, in the shape of tiger stripes.

The final photo looks astonishing really , I am blown away…I hope you’ll love it too








Elvira – Mistress of the dark

Halloween is here

and here is a little something I build  for Elvira’s last show at Knotts Scary Farm

This was a project I made with  Michael Schmidt Studios,

a homage to genius fashion costume designer Bob Mackie

There is a video of the show I will try to find it…in the mean time enjoy the photos

You can see the show here



Setting up my Etsy store…

The Palisades Hobo bag in Orange and White

The Palisades Hobo bag in Orange and White

Hello there…!

As I’m in the process of creating my Etsy store, one of my bags have already been pick in two different . fall treasury lists. 


Yay It’s my Palisades Orange and White giant hobo bag!!

I am so happy that I get such great feedback…now I am in the process of updating this blog , with photos of my new collection and also some new items coming up that I’m currently working on…..haha I keep repeating myself…well you all know me …I just get so excited!!

I wish you all a great night