Valentines beach Day

Yesterday was Valentines Day,

It started with a fitting with Gene Simmons himself…wow…what a legend, very excited to make him some new costume pieces for KISS upcoming tour….

He said what my husband always says

We have Valentines Day everyday…!

After that we went to Malibu Beach….ohhh haven’t been in a really long time, so so nice just to sit and listen to the ocean, Freja was super duper happy too

she was running after the balls like no tomorrow….totally pooped as you can see in one photo hahahaha

 we were lucky to watch the sunset as well

Dinner at our fave sushi spot two bottles of sake later it was a absolutely lovely day




image image imageimageMorning after chill


The Swedes celebrate the summer solstice, as we call it Midsummer, and it is a B I G deal ,

with a May pole, dance, food, singing and snaps.

First all the girls makes a flower wreath to carry on the head and everybody dresses the Maypole, in flowers and branches.

There is dance around the pole , mostly if you have smaller children , and after that out comes the food

Boiled mini fresh potatoes and pickled herring are the most important staples at the buffet as well as fresh strawberries with whipped cream


At the end of the night, the girls picks seven different flowers, puts them under her pillow to dream about the man she is going to marry