This past Saturday is was attending Design Showcase West Annual Exhibition & Graduate Showcase for UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film & TV …. what a great day we had! Meeting some very inspiring people!
Listening to a fantastic speech by film director Guillermo Del Toro, wow the guy was not only really funny, but had some really great advice to the graduating students, and I totally sucked it up like a sponge… we can always learn…
I also got to meet Deborah Nadoolman Landis an Oscar nominated costume designer, one of her most famous work is the red leather jacket Mr Jackson wore in Thriller!!! She was very elegant and super charming!
Afterward there was a Swarovski exibit…oh yes…we did get to play with the crystals!!! I went home with a bag, a couple of handmade crystal pendant…..thinking about maybe adding some stones with my embroidered bags…..hmmmm…let me think….
The  day after this fabulous event, I got to spend the Swedish National day , June 6th, with my best friends at the church in San Pedro CA…a lot of singing and little teary eyed, missing home…but it all went away with a piece of Prinsesstårta…. mmmmm Swedish princess cake….
On my work front I have been very busy, I will have to post some  photos of my new work to share with you…
Getting ready for The Art Show, with Viveca’s Art, coming up this weekend Saturday and Sunday,
11-5pm- just let me know if you want to stop by!! it’s going to be some really great items for sale, I will be selling some unique bags, Viveca will be selling her Art work…..you should come by and say hi ;-))
Well I’m off……..I hope your weekend was just a splendid as mine was!


kisses, Pernilla
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